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    Free access to all our benefits on your 1st shipment for 14 days

    • Up to 70% discounts on local shipping to all the US

    • $60 of included insurance with each package

    • 24 hours customer support

    • Live tracking

    • Drop off at closest USPS/Seagull Book location

    • 15% discount at CTR clothing stores

    • Personal package pick up at clients' location

  2. Plus Premium

    3 months ($24.99) / Yearly ($79.99)

    20% off yearly

    • Up to 70% discount on local shipping to all the US

    • $50 of insurance included

    • 24 hours customer support

    • Live tracking

    • 15% off discount at CTR clothing stores

    • Drop off at closest USPS location

    • Personal pick up at clients' location

Five Simple Steps

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    Order Online

    Place your order and enjoy while we do all the rest of the work for you.

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    Get your package picked up

    Stay home! We will pick up the package at your door.

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    Package is shipped

    DHL Express or other couriers will be in charge of your package till its final destination.

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    Track your package

    You will receive a tracking number to know where your package is at.

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    Your package arrived

    Packages arrive to mission offices in a timeframe of 2-7 days.

What can you send in a Missionary Package?



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    50% discount on international shipment

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    Full documents handling

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    Pickups at your house

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    Complementary $100 of Insurance included

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    Customs support

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    15% discount at associated CTR stores



  1. "Pablo and the team are great to work with and very reliable. They fill an important need!"

  2. "Very easy to work with. I live in Canada, and they go out of their way to help accommodate my deliveries to them!!!! My packages have made it safe and sound!!!! Makes sending packages so easy!!!!!"

  3. "We had a great experience using Missionary Packages. My son is serving in an out of the way area and they were able to deliver to his transfer city on the pday that was also his birthday! And did it within about a week as promised. Total thumbs up!"

  4. "Recomendo por ser um envio seguro e pontual para a alegria de nossos jovens missionários 😍"

  5. "We have used Missionary Packages twice now. The service has been excellent and exceeded our expectations. It is so nice to have a safe and reliable way to send things to our missionary serving in Argentina."

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